I’m happy to announce that Wild Mead, a book about sour meadmaking, is very close to completion. There will be a Kickstarter launch to help curb a few costs associated with the final production, like editing, ISBN information, and a bar code.

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How Finished is the Wild Mead Book?

I would say it’s well into the high 80s or 90s, if I had to give a percentage. Now it’s more about gathering images & tables, paying an editor, and working on some final layout adjustments. As far as writing and research goes, there are a couple short sections to write, and that should be just about it. Since there are still several layout adjustments and additions, I don’t have a final page count, but a safe bet would be between 140-170 pages.

wild mead sour mead making book screenshot

If you’d like to know more, you can read the original book announcement here.

My ultimate goal is to have this thing out to everyone who wants one by the Christmas / Holiday season, and this Kickstarter campaign will really help make that more of a possibility.

Stay tuned, and cheers,

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