Here is the vanilla hydromel tasting session after two additional months of bottle aging. This vanilla hydromel is made from lightly caramelized honey to and fermented dry to 7% ABV. After the fermentation, I added bourbon vanilla beans and aged on the beans for around two months. Once the beans were full extracted, I bottled around 4.5 months.

It is 7% ABV and 7 Months old at this point.

Vanilla Hydromel Tasting (7 Months)

Very clear in a full glass. You can see the moonlight mead logo clearly even below the surface of the mead. It is a bit darker than a typical traditional from the mild bochet process and the vanilla bean added some too. It smells a bit sour on the nose, but also has some vanilla aromas. Lightly effervescent (likely from CO2 that was still dissolved in solution). The taste is a lot like a light dry traditional, but in the back of the palette, the vanilla coats your throat. A very relieving type of vanilla that is fully present and recognizable (not sweet like ice cream however).

Here is the brew log for the Vanilla hydromel.

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