This hydromel is fruity and bright, and really easy to make. It’s a simple 8.25% melomel that is fermented cleanly at a cool temp and then aged on strawberries and cherries until clear. I only got 7 bottles out of this 1 gallon batch because of the fruit added. I carbed one bottle and left the rest still.

Strawberry Cherry Melomel Tasting (5 Months)

That’s right. Done in five months. It’s why I love hydromels. In fact, It really could have been done in 2-3, but procrastination isn’t always a bad thing with mead making. The glass above shows the still mead in the glass. It was actually from the bottom of the bottling bucket so a few tiny bits of fruit pulp found their way into my glass.

It had an aroma of fresh berries. Not clearly strawberry, but more of a generic “berry” flavor with potential for it to be defined strawberry. Despite the color, the fruit presence is second to what tastes like a smooth white wine. No “winey” bite, but certainly reminiscent of it. Then the fruit can be tasted as you swallow a sip.

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2 thoughts on “Strawberry Cherry Melomel Tasting”

  1. Hi, looks good. I was thinking of running this recipe.

    Have you ever carbonated a melomel? I might carbonate half the batch.

    What are your thoughts?


    1. I’d say go for it. I can’t remember if I carbonated half of this batch or not.

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