Hello Everyone! Before I dive into this. Let me say this is my first blog / first blog post ever, so feel free to forgive any common practices that I miss.

A little bit about myself: I am a Graphic Designer in Boston who loves to drink mead (honey wine). Oh, I like to make it as well. I’ve been home brewing for about a year and a half, and making mead almost exclusively for about a year. I’ve thought of tons of recipes, and by the time I get to brewing one; two more take its place. So we got that out of the way. ONTO THE MEAD

I brewed this batch tonight (3/07/13) it is a Spiced Hydromel.

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I Dissolved the honey using a whisk in a pot of spring water (who needs a spoon when you can aerate and stir?!), added brewed tea. Adjust gravity to 1.050 and pitched yeast. Added cinnamon stick and the cloves.

Final abv will be 7% and back sweetened.

If anyone has any questions: Don’t hesitate to PM me.

spiced hydromel mead

Spiced Hydromel Update 3/11/13

I checked the Gravity on this mead on Sunday the 10th. It has gone down from 1.050 to 1.001, giving it an ABV of ~6.5%. I plan on letting this finish up over the course of the week for final fermentation and some extra yeast settling.

Right now it has a very light dry taste with a clove spiciness finish. There isn’t much cinnamon to speak of or the vanilla tea, but I do expect that the tea will come back during back sweetening.

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