Fired up a new sour mead back in July, and I’m just now getting to it. I’ve been very busy working on some final details for the sour mead book. This recipe is very similar to my original lambic mead from 5 and a half years ago. This recipe will create a nice balance between mild acidity and mild brettanomyces funkiness. Originally I had used Wyeast Lambic blend, this iteration uses Wyeast Roselare, another popular sour blend from WYeast.

This pack was fresher than my original Belgian lambic blend packet, so I didn’t smack the pack and let it sit. I only broke the nutrient packer, then pitched.

Sour Mead Recipe with Roselare Blend

Ingredients for 1 gallon:

Brew Date: July 15th 2017

1.5 pounds – Wildflower Honey
0.25 pounds – Maltodextrin
10-15 – Medium Toast Oak Chips
Wyeast Roselare Blend

SG: 1.070

*Starred numbers are estimates at this moment


The process does vary a bit from the previous version. I dissolved the honey lightly heated water, added maltodextrin, then and dissolved that before adding to a carboy. In the previous version.

roeslare sour mead mixed

8 Weeks

This did have some active fermentation after a few days. I didn’t take any updated measurements though. I’m going to check on this in a week or so most likely.

6 Months

I added some dregs from my sour funky cyser (ECY20 gen1). We’ll see what it does, if it adds anything. In another 5-6 months, I’ll bottle this one and drink a few, then sit on the rest to see how they turn out as it ages for a few years. My last bottle of classic lambic mead is approaching 5 years old! I will have a tasting of that one in a couple months on its 5th birthday.

5/26/18, topped up the carboy with Cere’s Peach Juice Blend. This is a blend of peach juice and pear juice, but the flavor is dominantly peach.

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