I got a home made kit from a Secret Santa. He sent me everything for his recipe of a Russian Imperial Stout. I ended up not using one of the provided ingredients. (he provided a pound of wheat Dry Malt Extract, but I didn’t end up using it for selfish reasons (want it for a Saison Braggot Mead).


Units for 3 gallons:
7.5 pounds of Marris Otter Malt
1 lbs chocolate malt
1 lbs roasted barley
.5 lbs Crystal 40L
4 ozs Lactose

1oz Northern brewer Leaf Hops – 60 min
1oz Goldings Pellet – 30 min
1oz Northern brewer Pellet Hops – 15 min
1oz Goldings Pellet – 3 min

Yeast: Safale US-05 Starting Gravity: 1.076



I did brew in a bag. I mashed the base malt for around 45 minutes. At that time I added the specialty grains and continued mashing for another 20 minutes. I pressed the bag to get all that extracted malt wort out of the grain. I boiled the wort using the above hop schedule.

Overnight: Fermentation has begun. I have a blow off tube attached for until the bulk of primary is over. I have my better bottle filled to close to the top and don’t want a mess. Something that a couple years of brewing experience will net you.

Russian Imperial Stout8 Days

Gravity check: 1.033 Taste: It’s pretty bitter form the hops and there are a lot of big roasty notes, as well as a spicy kick from the hop’s properties. Should continue to drop over the next week and a half or so. And once it carbed up it will be a fine specimen (maybe a little thin as far as stouts go), and pretty delicious.

4 weeks

Gravity check: 1.030 Bottled and carbed.

Final ABV 6%

Taste, Smooth with huge amounts of roasted malt notes. Chocolate and coffee. Definitely not for the warmer months. With this recipe, I’m positive you can get a russian imperial stout with higher ABV with better efficiency, which was lacking at the time.

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