I was finally able to get some time and ingredients together to have a brew day. It also turned out to be a nice warm day. I went for a Blonde Ale that is just a bit more on the hoppy side, but nothing in your face. Just a really easy drinking beer with some hop character.

The Regular : A Hoppy, But Not Bitter, Blonde Ale

blonde ale grains

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Mash between 150-152 for 1 hour. Sparge and begin boil. I’ve found that if your pot tends to boil over, you can control it by lowering the heat as needed and not adding hops until the hot break subsides. I typically use the no chill method.


The yeast started up and is off. I’ll check in again at 2 weeks.

2 Weeks

I checked thew gravity around 1.5 weeks and it is stable at 1.010. Bottling went smoothly and got 48 bottles from the 5 gallons. I also lost about a quarter gallon to trub. Tasting notes to come next week.

3 Weeks

All done, here are some tasting notes. Perfectly balanced malt and hop profile. It’s very clean, with a moderate fruity hop nose. This is definitely a beer you’ll want to drink in quantity. Big head at first that fades to a lingering lace. There is a very subtle cloudiness to the beer.

blonde ale finished

This is likely from the US-05 not being an outstanding floculator. For a very clear beer, try US-04, and maybe mash a touch lower for 70 minutes to encourage a bit higher attenuation.

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