Holy Crap! A new post from me. Yes I have been gone for sometime putting my life back together after a sudden move. But I was finally able to get back in the brewing saddle and make some beer. It’s also the start of a new chapter in brewing for me. I’ve moved from Allston to Somewhere in the woods, NH. That means it’s time to brew outside and go from 3 gallon stove top batches to 5 gallon ones.

This batch’s recipe is derived from the Northern Brewer Buffalo Sweat Kit. I switched out the aroma hops and added even more roasted malt. My efficiency continues to be abysmal, only hitting 58% and that was after having 1 less gallon than planned for.

Holy Cow Oatmeal Milk Stout



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Starting Gravity: 1.054
Final Gravity: 1.016 ABV: 5%


Again, Just your day to day Brew in a Bag. I once again did the mini sparge by pouring a 2 gallons over the grain bag. I’m not sure how effective it was this time. I’ve been reading a lot about “dunk” sparging (where you dunk your grain bag in more water and do a 10-20 minute soak, then add that water to your boil kettle. I’ll be trying that next time.

During the boil, I got a “small” boil over, and by small I mean pretty outrageous. I’ll be ready next time. I guess I got a feel for how powerful the darkstar burner really is.


The yeast started up and is off. I’ll bottle this in 3 weeks and have it ready for the Superbowl. Most of it will continue to condition beyond that point though.

2 Weeks

Let this go down in the record books. IT’S COLD BABY! I took a temp reading and the beer is at 50F, a bit too chilly for my taste. I’m going to move the fermenter to a warmer part of the apartment for the last week to allow a pseudo diacetyl rest in case it needs it, and to allow it to finish any fermentation it needs to. I’m still on schedule to bottle at 3 weeks. I also tasted a bit of the wort and it does taste mostly fermented. Good roast character and malt complexity. Very little hops to speak of.

2.5 Weeks

All Bottled up and on to conditioning. Black as spent motor oil. Tasting the un-carbed beer, I’m very impressed. It has a bold roast but it’s also balanced by the somewhat higher FG of 1.016 (5% ABV). Not much hop character, but that’s to be expected in this type of style. The yeast flocculated very well and formed a gel like trub at the bottom of the fermenter. After this batch is done, it’s on to a Pale Ale. Oh and some more acclaimed Lambic Mead.
finished oatmeal milk stout

3.5 Weeks

Carbed up and ready to drink. When it was really green, it had a kind of meatiness, but the yeast cleaned up whatever it was. This beer is very easy to drink several glasses of in one sitting at 5% ABV, and the flavors aren’t palette crushing.

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