I recently got the opportunity to brew a version of my blonde ale for a co-worker’s wedding. In the original version, there were a few things that needed to be addressed with the recipe. For example the Pilsner malt was just an extra throw in, and the crystal (2) malt was a bit too dark.

I corrected those issues and based the new recipe off of those desired changes. This variation has been brewed twice.

All Grain Blonde Ale Version Two Recipe


2 Pounds / Gallon – Pale Ale Malt
0.2 Pounds / Gallon – Crystal 10

0.1 oz/gallon – Chinook @60
0.1 oz/gallon – Chinook @10
0.1 oz/gallon – Willamette @10
0.1 oz/gallon – Willamette @0
0.2 oz/gallon – Amarillo @0

Safale US05


ABV: 5.75%

Brew day for both sessions of this ale were painless. I hit my numbers and got good efficiency for both. In addition to that, I got the same SG and FG numbers on both batches. I carbed this to 2.8 volumes of CO2.

Blonde Ale at 2.5 Weeks

blonde ale finished 12The beer was finished and was delivered for the wedding. I kept 2 bottles for myself, and it has a very fruity aroma and mild bitterness (something close to Boston Lager as far as bitterness goes).

Changes for next time: It does need a bit more body in my opinion, so I’ll be adding half a pound (0.1 pound per gallon), of Dextrin Malt to the next variation, at which point it should be in very good shape in terms of a finished recipe.

The other option is to switch the yeast to Safale 04, which will attenuate less, and may also clear the beer a bit better. So it looks like there will be a Version 3.1 and 3.2 in the future.

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