So this is a weird one. A while back, I was gifted some root beer extract for making soda. I never got around to making the soda, as I’m not much of a soda drinker. So I got the crazy idea to make some liqueur harnessing the power of freeze concentration and my brain which about once a year spits out an awful idea. So here goes.

Freeze Concentrated Hard Root Beer Plan

Basically, my plan, as prison-wine as it sounds, is to ferment a bunch of sugar with wine yeast and nutrient to keep fusels at bay. Then add root beer extract to flavor it. Stabilize it, then sweeten and freeze concentrate to create a root beer liqueur. It may work, it may suck really bad, but it’s worth a shot for experimentation’s sake.

hydrometer reading on root beer liqueur

The recipe I came up with for-concentrated volume

1.35 lbs / gallon – Cane sugar
0.5 lbs / gallon – Brown Sugar
1/2 tsp / gallon – Root Beer extract (you can add or subtract per your preference)
Montrachet Wine Yeast

Numbers ( *= Estimated)
ABV pre-concentrate:
ABV post-concentrate: 22%*

Once the sugar solution fermented and cleared, I added 1/2 tsp of extract. I’m letting that intermingle with the alcohol for a while. Next I’ll stabilize and concentrate. I’ll sweeten post concentration.

root beer liqueur pre-concentration

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