Cleaning Up After A Messy Brew Day

So, Some of you may know, but I’ve been making all my beer on a gas stove top. This requires me to put it on maximum heat. This means that any pre-existing grease or wort spills that hit the stove will cook onto the cook-top and really mess it up to put it lightly. I was almost banned form brewing because the stove just kept getting worse and worse, all despite adding several layers of tin foil to prevent spills etc.


before cleaning

So what you need to do is clean the stove before and after (not necessarily right , but certainly before on that brew day). Now I searched the internet for how to get these insane grease stain/burns off my stove and every home brewing forum thread was useless because it was always answers coming from people with outdoor space and propane burners. “Yeah man, you can’t brew on the stove, get a burner and go outside”, which is great, but doesn’t help anyone get the shit off your stove.

As you can see in the before and after shots, my stove was about as bad as you can get it.


after cleaning

I saw a tutorial online (not brewing specific) that was just a paste made from hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. You take baking soda and add just enough hydrogen peroxide to make a semi fluid paste. You then take the paste and scrub with your heaviest duty scrubber. It really works exceptionally well!

Just a few really bad black marks that I need a better scrubber for. So that’s that, and cleaning your nasty stove hopefully just became a whole lot easier. Just remember that cleaning the stove before brewing will help reduce the burnt grease in the first place. However it’s nice to have a backup plan in case of forgetfulness or a boil-over.

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