Chocolate Porter

This past weekend I made a Chocolate Porter using creating a recipe for a chocolate bock but using ale yeast due to temperature restrictions. So I guess the official name of this brew is appropriately named a chocolate porter.

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I don’t have a big lobster pot to do big boils in, so I had one gallon each in 2 pots. The grains were steeped in their own pot, and other pot was brought to a boil then taken off heat where the liquid and dry malts were added and dissolved. Then as suggested I brought it back to a boil for a few minutes. The two pots of wort, and the rest of the water were combined into a 5 gallon bucket to the five gallon line, maybe just a bit over it.


Starting gravity is 1.053 already temp adjusted. When the fermentation is done, ill rack this onto the 1 lb of cacao nibs. I plan on the final gravity being around 1.015-1.010 so the final ABV is around ~5%.


The gravity has dropped to 1.018. I added the 1lb of cacao nibs directly into the primary. I will check on this in a month and if it is where I want it, begin bottle conditioning.


This is finished aging on the cacao nibs and the gravity is at 1.017.

chocolate porter

Tasting notes:

Very chocolate forward nose. Head retention is one of the best I’ve ever seen in a beer. It will stick around for almost an entire glass; and leave foam on the side of the glass as you drink it. The taste is more of a coffee / chocolate with just a very mild hoppiness for balance.

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