I’m brewing a Grodziskie (A Polish Smoked Wheat Ale) for a co-worker. I’ve never heard of the style until they mentioned having it at a local brew-pub. I’m seeing if I can make a similar smoked wheat ale at home.

I’ve never made a smoked ale of any kind before, so this will certainly be an adventure. In this case, I only brewed a gallon.

Grodziskie Recipe

Here is a the all grain recipe for my Polish smoked wheat ale.

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1 Week

The beer is down to 1.010, and I think the yeast is mostly in cleanup phase now. Since it’s a wheat beer, I’ll probably bottle this a bit early, just before the 2 week mark to begin the bottle conditioning process, to have a nice fresh wheat beer by the end of it.

11 Days

The beer is bottled up and conditioning, I got 9 bottles at the end of it. In a few days I’ll move one bottle to the fridge for cold conditioning and test for carbonation. I’m aiming for a higher than average carbonation level. Once I’m tasting this in the glass I’ll update the article with notes and a pretty picture.

18 Days

She’s all done ladies and gentlemen. There is a mild to moderate smokiness to the beer. The color is that of a dark straw with a decent head and a big body. I carbed it to 2.9-3.0 volumes. Clear? Of course not it’s 40% wheat!

grodzizkieNext up are a Tripel, an ESB, and a mead of some kind.

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6 thoughts on “Brewing An All Grain Grodziskie (Smoked Wheat Ale)”

  1. I’ve come a cross a few different sources talking about this style recently. All things considered, your recipe looks good and I wish i could try it. I want to make something similar, as wll.

    1. Thanks for reading, I’d love to learn how yours comes out if you end up brewing one.


  2. It’s pretty offensive to call a Polish Beer by a German name.

    Grodziskie is the name, pronounced Grod-Gis-Key.

    Also, if you’re going the historical route, your ABV is too high.

    1. I’ve corrected the name. I was aiming for 4.25%, which is still high for the style “3%”, but that’s the wonderful thing about making my own beer. I’m not bound by any laws except ones set by science.

    1. Same, It’s definitely something outside of my normal wheelhouse.

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