Double Red-Amber Ale

Recently I attended a hoppy beer festival. While I was walking along, putting back X dry hopped with citra after X dry hopped with citra, I came across an Amber Ale. Now I’ll be honest, I was too drunk to remember who made it. But it was brewery only special, and very very… very good. Since then I’ve been on an Amber kick. So I figured it was time to brew one and get it out of the system.

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bottling an amber ale

I did brew in a bag. I mashed all the grains for 90 minutes at 154 Mash temp. I pressed the bag to get all that extracted malt wort out of the grain and began the boil. Cooled and pitched a very swelled smack pack.

1 Day

Fermentation started off roaring. It was putting out clean aromas. No sulfur this time! This is a top cropping yeast, so I decided to scoop some off high Krausen and save it for my next beer.

17 Days

Fermentation Done at 1.013 and Bottled. 6.5% ABV. I drank the leftovers that didn’t fill a full bottle and the flavor was very malt forward. It has a good balance between roasted and sweet notes from the Amber Malt and Crystal 120. This is shaping up to be one of my best beers. Tasting and beer in glass photos next week!

Amber Ale in glass

24 Days

Beer is all carbed up and very well balanced. Not much hops, but it’s a malt forward style so that is to be expected. Some lighter caramel notes and a more present coffee flavor from the Amber Malt. If you like malty beers, you should try this recipe out!

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