60 Minute IPA: The Plan

I’ve really been craving an IPA that is just loaded with hops. No beating around the bush, or skimping on IBUs. I’ve also really enjoyed Dogfish Head’s 60 minute IPA and wanted to try something like that. They hop “continuously” throughout the boil. When I planned the recipe I originally was going to split my hops into 30 hop additions every 2 minutes. I ended up going with 9 additions. 8 of them starting at 60 minutes and one every 5 minutes after. The 9th addition was a larger addition added over the course of the last 2 minutes of the boil.

60 minute ipa mashIngredients

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Starting Gravity: 1.057


Hop Additions
I did brew in a bag. I mashed the base malt for 60 minutes at 154 Mash temp. I pressed the bag to get all that extracted malt wort out of the grain. I boiled the wort using the this hop schedule. I added all the hops into a sandwich bag and mixed it around so all types of hops were intermingled. Next I separated them into 12 equal (as I could get them) piles. Next, I combined the four rightmost piles into one big pile, which is the 9th addition. I added that addition just sporadically with between 2 minutes left in the boil and 0 minutes.60 minute IPA additions

1 Day

Fermentation started off roaring. It was throwing off some serious aromas out the airlock. Some sulfur, yeast, and hops. The smell was stinking up the apartment pretty bad. I added yeast nutrient to the ferment and that knocked the sulfur odor down quite a bit overnight.

13 Days

Airlock activity still going, but definitely wrapping up at this point. I’ll probably let it go to day 19 and Bottle then. Best part is that it’ll be ready just in time for my wedding!

37 Days

OOPS, this thing is still in primary. I tasted a bit of wort to see what I had going, Awesome hop aroma, just killer! I can’t imagine what it would be like if I did this batch in a timely manner. However there are some flaws. I was stupid and did a 60 minute boil (recipe fixed for 90 minute boil) and got a bit of DMS from the pilsner malt. There’s also not a lot of flavor so you may want to add .5lb Crystal malt or something to help the backbone against the hops.

42 Days

Bottled! Final gravity was at 1.012, so 5.9% ABV. The Hop Aroma is still awesome on this beer. The flavor is pretty good (uncarbed) and lets the hops be the star in this IPA. No extra sweetness like a lot of the commercial IPAs. Can’t wait until this one is carbed up in a week.

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