Blackberry Mead Tasting (7 Months)

In a full glass, the color is a full, confident, reddish purple that any mead maker would be proud to have in a dark berry melomel. It shows a touch of brown as less volume is in the glass. The aroma is all blackberry, which is dominating the honey in that department. The body is quite heavy as far as meads go. This is likely due to the blackberry juice blend being partly compromised of grape juice. Tannins in the grapes add a pretty heavy body and mouth feel and it reminds me of my perry pyment. The flavor starts with a forward blackberry note, but then subsides to that heaviness in the body that is really putting off supporting honey notes.

Blackberry Mead Tasting (18 Months)

blackberry mead tasting 2

The mead has changed significantly in the past 11 months. It is now in it’s prime in my opinion and is exploding with flavors that are akin to a Trappist style Dubbel. It’s loaded with body, plum, toffee, and raisin character. Once I get my hands on some more blackberry crush juice, I’ll be making this mead again. I may also try to make a similar recipe from fresh apples, blackberries, and grapes. The few fusels that ended up getting produced aged out into a very smooth mead.

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2 thoughts on “Blackberry Melomel: Mead Tasting”

  1. Thinking about making a version of this using a similar blueberry juice blend (
    Do you think this would work just as well? Also, I was thinking is make it a bit lighter, doing 1/2 juice, 1/2 water, but leaving the honey addition the same. Thoughts?

    Is there anything you’d change about this recipe if you make it again? More oak? Less oak? Anything?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. I really liked how it turned out after extended aging, so if you’re going to be patient with it, it will be a very special mead.

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