I decided to use a partigyle mash to get some extra wort to create a braggot from a separate brew day. I’ve been working a few methods to put sour and funky meads together, and this stands as another variation.


All Grain Berliner Braggot Recipe

This is for a one gallon recipe, and does involve a bit of beer making. First do a mash with the full grain bill listed below. Then collect your first runnings for the beer. Use the second runnings for this braggot, and any other wort collection you can use again for the beer. I didn’t take a gravity reading, but based on basic algebra, the grains from the mash contributed 21 points of gravity, and the honey contributed 32 points.

Malt for Mashing
38% – 2 Row
62%% – White Wheat Malt

12oz Wildflower Honey (Important! Do not mash this. Add it to the final must).

WLP610 Berliner Blend

1.053 / X / X%

gravity reading for berliner braggot

1 Week

Fermentation took off and subsided pretty quickly with this. WLP 610 berliner blend is a mix of lactobacillus and german ale yeast. It did put out quite a bit of sulfur in both the beer and this mead that I made with it. So there’s something to watch out for, a smelly fermentation area.

3 Weeks

I took a taste test around this point, didn’t bother with the gravity, and it’s not as sour as I had expected. It’s more like a clean braggot than anything. It likely won’t develop much in terms of sourness as the beer yeast probably took the gravity down too quickly for any lactic acid development. I’ll wait and see though, as I’m in no rush.


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