The person who I had brewed the first version for wanted some more. After I had brewed V1, I learned that it wasn’t a true-to-style grodziskie, which would use 100% oak smoked wheat in the grain bill.

However since, they person buying the ingredients for the beer wanted more of what I first brewed, I pretty much stuck to the original recipe, with a few small changes.

Brew Day Video

In addition to logging everything, I also created a video of the brew-day, which was of course during a snowstorm. I had created a starter the day before without knowing we had over a foot of snow heading our way the next day.

This is what happens when you have a toddler. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse does not cover the local weather.

All Grain Grodziskie V2 Recipe

Here is a the all grain recipe for my latest rendition of a Polish smoked wheat ale.

66.5% – Rauch Malt
33.5% – White Wheat Malt

0.2 oz / gal – Mt. Hood* @ 60 minutes
0.1 oz / gal – Mt. Hood*@ 10 minutes
0.2 oz / gal – Mt. Hood* @ 0 minutes

*Mt. Hood was substituted for Hallertau. Use Hallertau if you can, but Mt. Hood is a fine hop.

Wyeast 1010 American Wheat

1.050 / 1.010 / 4.4%

1 Week

I noticed high krausen after a day or so, but haven’t checked the gravity or anything like that yet. You may have noticed some of the change included a lower gravity and a hop substitution. I think this beer will come out quite well.

3 Weeks

It’s bottled and carbed up. It’s hazy and smoky with a really good body. It’s not my favorite beer to brew in general, but my colleague will be the one drinking most of it, as they purchased the ingredients.

As far as brew-days and fermentations go, this one went pretty smooth after I got all the ice out of the propane tank valve.

all grain homebrewing grodziskie smoked beer

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